About Us – National Rural Law and Justice Alliance

The National Rural Law and Justice Alliance is Australia’s first peak national non-government organisation for rural and remote law and justice.

The Alliance works with existing institutions to strengthen the focus on rural law and justice issues by supporting and helping align their work with this intent.

At present, about 32% of Australians’ live in regional, rural or remote (RRR) classification areas. Unfortunately, RRR communities are often disadvantaged in their ability to access the justice system and related services.

People within these communities have limited capacity to participate in the framing and reform of laws and policies which impact upon their lives, and they face barriers of isolation, distance and a lack of opportunity to share their experiences with law and policy makers.

Laws that do not effectively respond to the needs of rural and regional Australians have a negative impact on their social, economic and cultural wellbeing, and limit the possibilities available to people living in RRR areas to capitalise on their personal potential.

A responsive and equitable justice system will foster economic development, social cohesion and stability, and thereby promote community wellbeing and resilience.

“Working to achieve justice and equity in the provision of  legal system services for all rural Australians”